5 Golden Rules We Should Remember Before Graduation

You are young and the whole life is in front of you. You reached a moment in your life when you are on the crossroad and you need to figure it out what your next step will be. Don’t worry and don’t be overwhelmed by the situation. Everything can be fixed if you really want it. Choosing the right course or moving to a new place is something new to you but if you try hard, you can do impossible.
Before going crazy over all that stress in your life, check some of the golden rules we all need to know before we graduate. Who knows, maybe the answer is there, you just need to find it!

Three girls celebrating their graduation

1. Don’t listen everything your parents say – It is true that parents are our best friends but even they can overdue sometimes. It is okay to listen to their advice but the final decision will be yours. It doesn’t need to mean that if something worked fine for your parents will also work for you. Check how you feel with certain people and in certain situations, avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive ones. That’s the key of being successful in all fields of your life!

2. Don’t forget old friends – Even if you moved from one place to another and everything got drastically changed in your life, there is no excuse for forgetting old friends. Just remember that they were there when you were down, they comforted you and you could have called them at 2 A.M. and they would come to see you without a question. It is very difficult to find real friends so don’t forget about people who can make your day!

3. Learn how to accept yourself – Accepting yourself is not easy when you are young. There are things you don’t like about yourself but step by step you need to accept yourself with all your pros and cons. I know it is difficult and I know it takes time but that’s the way it goes. You can start with small things and then move to bigger ones. You can change your daily routine and spend some productive time with the people you like. You can make a breakfast for you and your best friend and spend all day doing nothing, just to feel better. You can try to cut off cigarettes even for one day. The bottom line is that you need to be the best version of yourself because trust me, one day that will be the most important thing in your life!

4. Be yourself – Young people are under so much stress every day. They need to study or work and also they need to look good and have time for friends and studying. STOP! It is time to breathe. Do it right now. For yourself. For days to come. Don’t act like someone else so others can like you. Be yourself. With your good and bad days. Because that is real you. What would happen with the world if all people would wear masks? Is that some kind of trend now? I feel people don’t want to show their real face because they care about other people’s opinion. That is not good because you are losing yourself over someone who will maybe be in your life for a short time. Don’t do that because you will regret. In the end if you didn’t do all that good stuff in your life at least you know you weren’t hiding behind a mask. It was the real you and that’s what counts the most!

5. Take care of yourself – A lot of people will advice you to take care of yourself when you are young but sometimes you will not be able to understand them. What does: „Take care of yourself“ mean? Of course I am going to take care of myself, I am not crazy to make some harm to myself. Well, I must admit that I wasn’t completely sure what people have told me until I was 30. When someone says: „Take care“ it means they really care about you. It is another way for them to show they love you. And when you figure it out, that feeling is amazing! So my darling, take care of yourself and never take your life for granted!

These are golden rules every young girl or boy should know about their life. Sometimes things are not exactly like they look like at first sight. Sometimes you need to read between the lines so you can understand something. And it takes time and space for that. So don’t be bustling and lose your head to understand everything now. It takes some time to understand certain things and from my opinion you can’t understand some of them enough when you are young. When the day finishes and you go to bed, make sure that you don’t regret about anything and start every new day with a smile!

9 Tips On How To Act On The First Date

This is it!

You get that tingling feeling in your stomach. It is time for you to get ready for your first date. It’s too bad that teachers don’t teach us these things in school. I mean, this is the same thing as geography, history, chemistry and so on. These are life lessons and we have to learn them one way or another. Better to learn them before than to make stupid mistakes later.

Luckily, you have me. I can help you to kill your first date and to make it memorable and smooth without any mistakes. I can save you from embarrassment, from making the wrong move which can scar you for life.

Most of us are very nervous before every first-time including the first date. Girls, don’t think that it’s easier for men. They feel like fools as you do and they don’t have a clue on what they are doing like you don’t.

Take into consideration some of the tips we are about to offer to make your first date amazing and unforgettable.

Make sure to wear something that doesn’t look like you just got out of bed but also try to wear something in what you can walk, eat and relax in. Don’t test your new clothes or wear jeans that are a little bit tight. You are anxious enough without those unnecessary things over which you can worry about. If you don’t feel comfortable you may ruin your whole new experience and go home and cry while burning those tight jeans that made you feel sick.

Dress nicely and tastefully because you don’t want to send the wrong message, or maybe you do. In that case don’t worry about your first date because it will be the last one.

I know that most of us girls have problems with being on time. Especially some of us are late on purpose just to make some kind of a point. No one likes that – it makes you look bitchy even if you are not. Always imagine how you would feel if it’s visa versa? If he is late, leaving you to wait on a cold night or on a hot day? You would feel like crap and never call him again.

Honestly, how much money would you spend on a drink when you are paying for it? Stay in your range. He is a guy and not a credit card. In other hand, guys appreciate when girls are modest and down to earth. If you order some pricey cocktail or meal you will come off as a gold-digger and believe me, that’s not what you want, and you shouldn’t date those kind of guys.

Only if he orders something that costs more, you can do the same, but once more, don’t chew more than you can bite.

And one more thing, when it comes to that, offer to split your check. As I’ve already said, he’s not an ATM but if he is a real gentleman he’ll insist on paying.

Firstly, this is just rude. I mean although girls and boys nowadays are addicted to their phones and are constantly hung up on them, there are certain times when you should just sit and look someone in the eyes and give them your full attention. Also a very helpful tip – please for the love of God do not post online and public comments of your date. Of course you are going to comment on it with your girlfriends, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT post comments. Especially if your date for some reason didn’t go well. That’s just cruel.

Honesty is the key of any kind of relationship in life. Who knows? Maybe this guy is your future husband. He is maybe the future father of your children. Do you really want to lie to him and say that you are friends with Beyoncé and that you go on skiing trips with Bruno Mars? Of course I exaggerate, but you catch my drift. DO NOT lie. If he is going to like you, he should like you for you and not for the person you pretend to be. Is you pretend, that relationship is doomed. It will fall apart sooner or later.

First of all, if you had a bad day you should totally cancel the date and arrange it for some other time. It’s not bailing, it’s just that you can’t. If he likes you, he’ll understand. No one wants to look at a sour face across the table. The important thing is to smile and laugh at his jokes. Of course don’t laugh to every little thing he says or he’ll think that something is wrong with you. Laugh moderately.

This is also very important. You should talk about yourself but please do not turn the date into a monologue or God forbid a confession. You have to remember that there are two people at the table and both of you have something to say. And one more thing. Try to switch subjects every few minutes. You don’t want to end up talking about your aunt’s cat for 10 minutes or so – BOOOORING.

Please, as I have said earlier, don’t turn your date into a monologue. Ask questions, but don’t be assertive. If he is not so talkative don’t push it.

After you are done and after you come home, please do not be so desperate and text him right away. Most of the guys tend to feel as if they are being emotionally suffocated if you text them right away and often. Also, make him think about you, and make him make the first move. Make him wonder what you’re doing and are you thinking of him. Make him thrive for more. And when he texts don’t answer right away but also, don’t make him wait because he WILL lose interest.

The bottom line is that you should try to be yourself, act naturally and just go with the flow.

5 Reasons You Should Date A Teacher

Being a teacher is one of the most responsible professions of all. You need to take care of kids every single day and you should watch out how you behave in front of them. So you can imagine how stressful job it is. I had many teachers who were very strict in the classroom but they were completely different in their private life. I would say they were ideal partners because they were calm, cool and collected all the time but also they had that funny spirit for making a good atmosphere. If you haven’t considerate about dating a teacher you should think twice. Here are some of the best reasons for that so stay tuned!

Man teaching a class


1. Long summer holidays – Who else has 3 months of holidays? Nobody except teachers, of course. This is very convenient if you are a female teacher because you can take care of your kids the whole summer while they are on vacation too. If you want you can travel to long distances and be completely calm because you don’t need to hurry back home. And the best thing of all that it is all payed. You just sit at home, enjoy and get your salary. Is there better profession than this? I don’t think so!

2. They are patient – When you spend every day among 30 wild teenagers you somehow learn to be calm and patient. I mean, you can yell to them but they won’t listen to you. Yelling only makes them feel more powerful. You should be patient and explain in easy but strict way about the consequences of their actions. Can you imagine having a patient partner like this? It means that he would listen to you every time you fight and he would try to correct mistakes by talking and not making drama in your home. It is true that being patient depens on your personality but if you found a patient teacher who knows how to listen, that is a real catch!

3. Teachers are positive – Spending the whole day with kids and teenagers help you to forget about your problems. Even you are old you feel that your spirit is young and you can learn a lot from them. That’s why teachers always smile. They are full of positive energy and they know how to enjoy in life. They understand that knowledge is not the most important thing in the world and we sometimes need to learn how to be good people. Talking about life with your students and showing them some tricks how to be successful is what makes a great teacher!

4. They want to help – For me, definition of teaching is helping others to understand something. Since teachers are very professional about their job they sometimes forget to divide private and business life. So you can end up with a teacher who is correcting your sentences or helping you to learn how to use photoshop. It is in their blood and they can’t get rid of that. But hey, it is positive thing, right?

5. They know how to listen – Teachers aren’t always the ones that talk all the time. They spend half of their life listening to others. When asking a question to their students they need to listen it, right? It means they allow other people to tell their opinion and that makes them perfect match. If a woman has a partner who is a teacher she will be satisfied because he will always know how to listen to her wishes. And that is what we all are looking for. Just a minute or two to say everything that is on our heart and someone who will say that everything will be okay. Teachers rock!

This is why I left and you should too

The truth is that human beings need space. We are born in space, and if we feel the rim every day around our neck eventually we will have the feeling that that rim is twisting and spinning and shrinking and we will suffocate.

This is what happens in some relationships as well. I can barely put up with myself the whole day let alone with somebody I just started to engage with. If you walked your road alone as long as I did, dating a guy who has this awful need to spend 24/7 with you is the last thing you need in life. .

I knew it, and that’s why I left.

You remember the story of the frog in the boiling water? I didn’t want to be that frog. I just couldn’t allow such thing to happen to me. The second I felt the water is getting warmer I jumped out, the second I felt the rim is shrinking I had to cut it.

I am the type of person that needs sky to spread her wings, don’t put me in the cage, I’ll  never sing and I will never be happy, and no human should be either.


Girl with backpack walking on the street


It is 21st century and I am privileged to be a woman in such period. I want to grow in every aspect of my life and I do expect my partner to follow my steps or even to outgrow me. I need somebody who is on the same level with me and a guy that is able to have intellectual conversations with me. Yes, I’m attracted by looks at first, but that won’t keep me. That will not make me stay. Because I know when the lights are all out and we’re old and wrinkled there is no beauty that could stand out because it’s just gone. But what remains is intelligence and intelligence is evergreen.

I knew this the moment I entered the relationship and this was something I’d never compromise, neither should you.

No matter if you’re girl in your twenties or your thirties or married with two kids, don’t settle for a minimum. Don’t ever settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t be afraid to want more. Your mom would tell you this, I am saying this to you now and any other sane person would nod on this statement.

You only have this one life, and it does appear to not be enough but someone once said that if you live it right, once is enough. It is ok to want more and don’t you dare to be afraid to follow your dreams.

You want better job? – go for it!

You want more love? – get it!

If you are attached to him offer him to follow you on your journey but never allow him to tie you down. I left because I chose to be accomplished, and if that’s what you want, go for it.

“Boohoo for her, she had to choose the restaurant alone or where to spend the holidays!” – nope, this was not the case. I have nothing against me choosing the restaurant, I’m perfectly OK with deciding about anything but I refuse to be in a passive relationship. I’m a cheerful person that needs just small impulse to be happy and to develop the idea further, not getting and impulse at all is my problem.

If I’m the one to be the initiator of our dates, going outs, than I’m out. I do need a feedback, a signal, an effort, anything that will tell me that I am not alone in this.

I don’t need to be one to give more compliments nor to send far more love than I receive. It is a NO from me.

It takes two for tango. I danced alone, when on paper I wasn’t alone. And suddenly it hit me: this is not the way the things should be.

He wasn’t the man he used to be, or the man I thought he is. Maybe I made him like that. Maybe I just created the perfect image of him, and when the serotonin got back to normal, I realized I was mistaken.

This was not the man I could picture myself with for the rest of my life so why bother? Why pull the strings harder when the only logical solution would be not to loose them but to let them completely.

He couldn’t understand my need for space, nor were we on the same level because he refused to grow and not to mention I was the one constantly dragging us forward, not pushing but literally dragging. One day it just hit me: This doesn’t make me happy, and it wouldn’t make happy anybody else – so I left and so should you.

ALERT! Clear Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

At the beginning of your relationship you think that you have scored big time! You are in love, you are infatuated and obviously you can’t see clearly. The only thing you see is him. The cute, kind and positive version of him.

At that beginners phase he showers you with love and attention. He makes you feel as though as you are the most important person in the world to him. But then, after some time, those things you missed at the beginning start to bother you. In other words, you start noticing certain stuff he does, a certain behavior.

He suddenly becomes angry all the time and everything you do annoys him. He seems to be losing his patience in a blink of an eye. That shouldn’t be like that.

As soon as you get the feeling that something is wrong, as soon as your intuition kicks in, as soon as you notice that he lost interest in you, you should leave him and avoid him hurting you.


B/W picture of a man in coat


Let say that you have a date night and he makes you wait for him. That’s just not right. If you are in love with someone you should be excited to see him and you couldn’t resist in seeing that person ASAP.

Dodging your calls or not answering your messages is even worse. I mean nowadays, everyone is available 24/7 and frankly speaking there isn’t an excuse good enough to explain why he didn’t answer your calls.

If things like gaming are more important than you are, then the discussion is over. He’s is not worth your time. If he arranges meetings with you and cancels them often, he lost interest in you. It’s ok if he can’t make it and apologizes to you once or twice, but if this thing turns out to be a habit – you have a problem.

He avoids situations where you are hanging out with him and his friends. He may tell you that he wants some time alone with you, that his friends are assholes and don’t get that you two are in a relationship and that it’s serious. That’s a load of crap. If he loves you, he shouldn’t be ashamed of you in any way. He should be proud that you are his girl.

He makes you aware that he hates the things you like. He considers them to be childish, girlish, etc. You don’t want to be with that kind of guy. He should watch your favorite show with you no matter what, because that is what makes YOU happy. But remember this – you have to watch sports in return. #sweetsacrifice

He should say that he loves you every day. It is not enough that you think he loves you, he has to say it. But if he doesn’t and you confront him and if he hasn’t got anything to say, you have a problem. The most probable thing is that he doesn’t love you at all.

He doesn’t care when you are upset. It is obvious that you are, you are on the verge of a meltdown and no one can’t miss that. If he acts like nothing is happening, he doesn’t care about you. He should leave everything he is doing if he sees you are in a distress and he should try to talk with you and to help you out.

Of course he isn’t your slave and he is entitled to have some things that he prefers to leave for himself. That is totally OK. But if you’ve got the feeling that he is hiding something and you talk to him about the matter and he ignores you, or doesn’t want to tell you what it is about –ALERT! He’s definitely hiding something big. You should get to the bottom of this. Who knows, maybe you find out that he is preparing to pop the question. #surprise

This is the worst thing that can happen. Often, when you are being manipulated you realize that and it’s too late. That’s why this is dangerous. These people get inside your head and make you do stuff you normally wouldn’t. Stuff that you don’t like, but he does.

He is angry all the time, and he expresses that anger through physical and psychological abuse. If you do something wrong and he hits you, leave immediately. DO NOT give him a chance to apologize because he WILL do that again. That can’t be a one – time thing. Those people are abusers and they don’t deserve any kind of relationship. It’s even worse if he is psychologically abusing you. If he is yelling and insulting you for no reason other than he has a bad day – leave him immediately. These guys are leeches. They feed off of you, of your suffering and that’s the only way they can survive.

He considers anniversaries, birthdays etc., to be just ordinary days. I mean they are, but not to him if it’s your birthday or your anniversary. You should celebrate those days together. If he forgets about them, you forget him.

This is a very serious problem. He has to understand that it’s not your fault if other guys check you out and if they show interest in you. He has to know that you are entitled to have male friends. A healthy relationship with your friends shouldn’t be a problem. If it is a problem to him, if he is jealous of your friends and if he complains to you or asks you to stop hanging out with them – LEAVE HIM.

So girls, if your guys show any of these signs, they aren’t probably the best for you. Regardless of these signs, if your intuition tells you to run away or if you feel you are in a bad relationship you should listen to what your heart is telling you.

To the person who loves me next

Hello there!

Before we start anything let’s get something straight!


Blank paper, pen and a rose


I expect you to respect ME! It means you will let me have my free time, time with my friends or my family. I will be able to go wherever I want and you will be okay with that. I expect you to support my decisions about how many kids we are going to have because dude, you will not be the one dying in labors for three days!

Also, I want you to respect my family and friends. You don’t need to go out for dinners with them but I expect some attention and understanding. You will not leave the room when we are having arguments. I want you to tell me everything you feel and want. I want to be your best friend. So don’t pretend you are okay when I know you are down. Let me be a part of your life because my darling, it doesn’t have any sense otherwise. Don’t be up tied because my mom calls me two times a day. Don’t act silly when I cry to some sad movies.

I expect you to support me in my career, because that is something very important to me. I want you to be the best version of yourself when you are with me. Also, don’t pretend you like my dress when it looks shitty on me. I want you to be honest because I believe you! I must admit it won’t be easy to handle me. I am a Gemini. It means I have my heart on my sleeve, fire in my soul and a mouth I can’t control. Thank you for understanding!
In return you will get…

A girl that will be there when you need her. Hell yeah, I will be there when you don’t need me as well. Because that’s the way I am. I will be your best friend and your lover. I will be super funny girl in front of your friends (even I think some of them are not likeable). I will be there when your shitty boss fires you because he thinks you are not worth being at that workplace. I will comfort you in every bad situation and I want you to understand that. So don’t you dare to lie to me. Just remember that I have a sixth sense and I know how you feel the moment I look into your eyes. Trust me honey, it took me a while until I got this “power”. I went through so many shitty relationships and asshole boyfriends and I really want this one to work. So don’t let me down. Be my support. I know I will be yours.

Also, I will take full responsibility for everything I do, no matter if it is good or bad. I will make you breakfast. Not every day. But many.

I will protect you in front of bad people and make you feel safe when you are with me!

An in the end something about us…

We need to understand that sometimes we will hate each other. Well, I know I will be hating you during my PMS so don’t bother telling me I act bitchy.

Don’t hate me if I am late. Don’t act like drama queen because I forgot to call you back. Let’s not compare our relationship with other couples. Let’s have our own story and our own world. Please remember that we are totally different and we are about to change during life, so bear with me. Don’t hate me if I sometimes say some bad words about you. This is happening because I want to shake my stress away and you are the closest person to me. Let’s raise our kids in the way they don’t hate anyone no matter how different they are. Let’s do things together. Please be there when our baby cries in the middle of the night. Help me to endure all the tough things that are happening to me. Because, my darling, you are my rock. And I am a woman to love.

Help us to search for magical moments and settle for nothing less!

Sincerely yours…

4 Signs that He is With You Only Because He Is Afraid to Be Lonely

How old are you? Have you noticed that with aging people are more afraid of loneliness? What about the guy you’re dating? Where do you stand with him?
These are the questions that are not strange to us but we’re afraid to ask them, or maybe we are just afraid of the answers that we might get.
How about we face them together in order to make it less painful?


Woman and man sitting on the street
There are four signs that will help you to get a conclusion and answers on previously asked questions, so let us begin:

You are in a relationship for a while now and you have noticed that there are no texts from your boyfriend while he is busy? How strange, right?

The person that you are with should be with you all the time. Being in relationship is not a part-time job. When you’re in, you’re all in. Texting 24/7 is exhausting and that’s not the topic now. Nobody is expecting you to be online every second of every day but merely to know how you’re day is going.

If he wakes up on Sunday morning and has nothing to do and texts you while you get no messages on busy Monday morning, something is wrong. When he is out with his friends you’re switched off, well excuse me mister, it’s not how it works!

It is not a problem to enjoy your relationship when both of you are available, but what happens when you’re having a hectic week is what will give you all the answers you need. A simple text: “Hey babe, I’m busy and it’s madness here, call you later!”- will be a sign that he is not with you to kill his free time, but you are really on his mind. Let’s be honest here, no matter what he’s doing, 7 second text won’t ruin anything and it will mean a world to you knowing that you are with him even when he has no time for anything else.

I like to say that we can’t choose our family and those are things that we have to live with but we do choose our partners. So imagine this: you have made a decision to live with somebody, meaning that somebody said NO to everybody else. That somebody chose you over everybody else and made you priority and he shouldn’t be treated as anything less.

Same goes when it come to you and your partner. You’ve chosen him over everybody else and he should chose you as well. You should be the first thing on his mind when planning everything else. If he’s planning his week, firstly he needs to make sure there is enough hours with you and then he can continue assigning the rest of his hours wherever he wants. Like on the airport: people with priority go first.

If this is not the case than make sure you explain to your partner where the two of you are standing. You can’t keep prioritizing him if you are only an option to him.

Excuse me, what was that? He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends, is he ashamed of you or what? Could it be that he is not planning anything serious with you, since you are there only when he has extra time in his schedule and doesn’t know what to do with it?

Don’t ever allow yourself to be an option. This will drown your confidence down and boy, you’ve been building it up for a long time to let it dissolve like that.

If he really plans anything with you than he must be aware that you and his friends will eventually have to meet, and if he likes you then he’s going to be pleased to introduce you to them. Anything less that this is screaming that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

We imagine to have time of our lives with our partners and people we engage in relationship with. We plan to do all these fun stuff with them and to spend as much as time as we can together. What happens when your partner refuses to do fun things with you? What if he only accepts to hang out with you if it’s something casual that you could do with anybody or even alone?

When we like somebody then we try our butts of to make them like us as well. We tend to do things that we never did or repeat the most interesting things that we did so far. If your partner is not doing all these things for you, then is he really that into you?

If the two of you go and grab a lunch together and you spend your time on your mobile phones doesn’t that tell you something? It seems to me that he is just afraid to go out alone and be perceived as solitaire so he accepts to take you out and pay for the food since it is a small price he has to pay in order for him to keep his reputation.

And boy, it is better to enjoy your meal alone than to fool someone just to make you feel good.
When taking this into consideration, pay attention to your behaviour as well. Be sure that you are not the one that is afraid to be lonely and that you are not in possession of all those bad characteristics that you’re persistently searching in him. Remember that you don’t need another human being in order to be happy and happiness comes from within. Don’t be afraid to be alone and don’t be afraid to kiss goodbye the one who is with you because he is afraid to be alone. You deserve much more that that.

What do girls really think when they say: “I’m fine!”

How many times have you heard someone saying “I’m fine”? How many times have YOU been the one to say these words?
Although there are many different situations in which we have said or heard these words, there are a few categories in which we can align what she meant when she said “I am fine”. Depending on the situation that she or the two of you are in, you can try to decode the message in these five short notes.



Crying girl in darkness


This is not a Discovery channel but mysteries are to be discovered, so stay tuned!

How are we to interpret the famous “I am fine” depends on the situation that we are found in as well. If you see a girl distanced from the others, deep in her thoughts, there is high probability that she is thinking of something really important, or even overthinking. What you shouldn’t do in these situations is to be pushy and ask her to speak her mind because that is exactly what she won’t do even if her life depends on it.

In these kind of moments her “I am fine” means “Leave me alone” and I strongly advise you to do so.

Sometimes we are not in need for other human being but we need a moment ALONE to analyze the situation and to reflect on our current state. We don’t need someone to create extra fuzz in our life. Give her a moment, and she’ll join you as soon as she finishes the conversation that she is having in her head. She is not crazy, she is fine and she needs a moment alone.

Let’s imagine there is this girl that just poured her heart open to you and you ask her how she feels. She is going to say that she is fine, but in that moment it is up to the person that is next to her to judge the situation and to act upon it. Sometimes it is better not to say anything but just to hug a person.

If she just told you that she has family issues, or that she failed her exam and that she is struggling in life, and you are not much of a person that knows what to say, I think it’s much better to just keep quiet and give her a hug. It won’t kill you, don’t worry. Yes, it might be awkward at first, and seem as if it was fake, but wait till the warmth from your body releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. (https://www.quora.com/What-happens-in-our-body-when-we-hug)

These three neurotransmitters will say everything that you were unable to express with your words, and will send a message thousand times stronger than you could imagine.

Let’s not pretend to be ignorant and not to notice this one since this one is the easiest to notice. This one is very present in relationships and lives in general. It is often followed with the eyes full of tears that are barely restrained from falling down the cheeks. This “syndrome” is often there as a consequence of cheating, breaking up or mistreating the girl that just said these words out loud.

The hard part is to reflect on your actions and see what you did that caused this reaction. As I already mentioned, the obvious one would be cheating or breaking up with her after which she would want to keep her pride and not show you how much you’ve hurt her.

The others are humiliating her, forgetting something that is important or not understanding what she is trying to do or say, or just you being an asshole and then asking her if she is feeling fine.

How to spot this one? Well the situation points to the opposite of what is said completely. If you ask a mom whose kids are screaming while she is cooking the lunch and the phone is ringing, it is obvious that she is not fine and she can barely handle it all but she won’t ever say that. If you see a girl that just lost her job and doesn’t know how is she going to survive the next month, her “I am fine” is screaming “I am not fine”. Just try to put yourself in her shoes, and think – if the roles were switched, would you have been fine? The answer is one big NO.

She just had a major fight with her best friend, she broke up with her boyfriend etc.. those are all things lead you to see a huge sign saying “I am not fine”. Every single one of us would’ve said the same thing. I guess it is our way to look towards the light that is to be found at the end of the tunnel.

Every girl was dragged into those never-ending conversations where she was trying to make a point or she was not agreeing with the other side, but the end of it wasn’t showing any appearance. At some point one of the two sides would just have to let it go and give up. If she says that she is fine with the decision after you couldn’t get to the same page with her, it should be obvious what she is doing. She is just too tired of hitting the same wall over and over again and not being able to get through it so she decided to give up. If she is quiet after this scenario, and if you ask her is everything ok and why is she shushed you will get a simple: “I am fine.”. Don’t get angry or anything, since you are the one to blame for her silence. A bigger dose of understanding and compliance could simply solve this issue.

There you have it, mystery is solved. It is up to you how much you care and how much you want to read those words and see what is really hiding behind them. All of this may seem hard to understand but it is up to you and your effort to decode the message. And your effort is as big as your caring towards that girl, as simple as that.

8 Golden Rules When Being In Love With Anxious Person

Anxiety is one of the most popular diseases in this century. It is not easy to go through it nor it is easy to be around people who suffer from it. The catch is you can never make any plans when you are anxious because you never know how you are going to feel that day. You can be super happy but also you can be so down that you don’t want to get up from your bed. The most important thing in a situation like this is to be yourself no matter what happens. Try to be positive even if you are about to have a panic attack. Just relax and don’t bother yourself with stupid things. Be superior to your problems, that’s the only way you can defeat them.



Girl in nature


It isn’t easy to love a person with anxiety so here are some golden rules how to behave with them. So let’s start!

1. They are not just anxious – When being in a relationship with an anxious person don’t forget that their life is not all about anxiety. Tell them that you like their personality and character. Tell them you enjoy listening to them when they talk about something in a passionate way. Tell them you like the way they blush when you compliment them. Make them forget about their anxiety even for 5 minutes. For you that is nothing but it means a whole world to them.

2. Try to understand when they feel tired – Unfortunately, anxiety makes people feel drained. It means people suffering from anxiety can do all the things just like the other people but with 300% more power. And that’s not easy at all. Just imagine that you have to go somewhere and it feels so bad to put on some solid clothes, comb your hair and put some makeup on. For some people that kind of things are normal but for an anxious person it is troublesome. So please, be understandable when they are tired. Don act all tied up because your girlfriend didn’t want to go out for a walk with you. You know she loves you but her panic attacks and depression is more powerful than love. Unfortunately, that’s the way it works!

3. They completely understand anxiety is irrational – Yes, most anxious people are aware of this fact but it is very difficult to fight with a disease like that. If you really want to fight it you need to think positively all the time and never let negative thoughts overcome you. That’s the point of all but people spend years and years until they learn this. Just imagine how difficult it is to be in a crowded place and you actually have an agoraphobia. I know, it is awful! And people with anxiety have to function normally and sometimes go to crowded places. Every time you tell them nothing bad is going to happen they are aware of that but unfortunately they experience symptoms like dizziness, strong heart beating, headache etc. So there isn’t much you can do in a situation like this except to be their support. And I believe, that counts the most.

4. They don’t have problems saying how they feel – When someone asks them if they are feeling good they will always be honest. The catch is they don’t have problems talking about their disease no matter if you are a stranger or a close person. Sometimes people don’t actually see the signs that a person is anxious. The thing is they don’t know how to listen. If you read between the lines you will figure it out that a person doesn’t feel well but that’s not the end of the world. So just be there to listen what they have to say. That will be enough, trust me!

5. They hate people asking them whether they are okay – If you want to forget about something, people who remind you of that all the time are not the most likeable people of all. If an anxious person is not feeling well they will say that and leave. You don’t need to remind them on their disease every 5 minutes, because that is not going to help them. It will just make things worse. And that is not something you want especially if you are in love with that person. So the golden rule is to keep your mouth shut and enjoy in life. Simple as that!

6. They appreciate you are being around – Anxious people are afraid that others will leave them because they are not fun anymore and they can’t do all the interesting things like before. The thing is a person doesn’t change, they are just experiencing a different phase in their life and that is pretty normal. If you can’t be with them in their worst moments, you don’t deserve to be with them in their good moments as well. They will always appreciate people who are there when they need them, especially in rough times. So don’t let them down!

7. They are not ignoring you it is just their anxiety – Did you ever experienced a situation when you were talking and the other person was sitting next to you but wasn’t present? It sucks, right? But before you make a conclusion stop for a moment and think. The person you are talking to is anxious. Maybe she is fighting her inner war trying not to fall apart in front of you. She just wants you to think that everything is okay. So don’t act badly and don’t ask “are you okay” question. Just leave them to calm down a little bit and then you can pop up that topic in some conversation.

8. They are amazing – And this is the fact! Just imagine how much they try every day to get up from the bed and act normal with all their problems. They do all the things like you but for them it is not so easy like it is supposed to be. So tell them you respect that. Tell them how awesome they are because they didn’t quit. Try to see good things in their life, far away from the bad ones. If they can do it, so can you!

5 BEST breakup lines

If you were expecting those funny jokes where you humiliate people by saying something funny when leaving them, I’m sorry, I am not here for you.
I am here to devote my time to those who really care about the people they were in relationship with and they want to find the least harmful way out of that relationship.
If you’re searching for the right words to say when kissing your loved one forever goodbye, bare with me for a moment.

Let’s imagine that you had a time of your life with your partner, and things got out of control since you started wanting different things, you’ve changed your opinion, or just you got worn off as it happens in life. Just because you are closing one door, it doesn’t mean you should slam them. In fact, turning to be a total bitch will have a counter effect of what you want to achieve. We do need more kind people today, since we all decided just to protect ourselves and not to care about others. How do we expect to find amazing people if we’re only leaving broken ones behind? You can’t expect to find oasis when all that you have been leaving behind you the whole life is a wasteland.
If we were saying goodbye appropriately, we’d be meeting more confident people and less broken ones. If the situation was reversed, how would you like “to be dumped”- humiliated or treated as a human being since you are one?


Roses on rocks on a rainy day


For those who care about other people’s feelings and those that they are leaving behind I have some lines that you might like to read and maybe they’ll be of use in the time of need.

It is a great intro for saying how you really feel and why you decided to break up. The relationship was amazing but at some point you started wanting different things and why temporize something that is inevitable? There is always a better option. There is no need for insulting or saying anything you don’t mean. If you feel that your relationship was truly amazing these lines might help you to give it a nice closure, like a play that has to end but it was so amazing that it deserves an applause. Applause for an amazing relationship.

These lines might seem as if you are saying goodbye to somebody that you didn’t spend too much time with, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It is your way to start your monologue or dialogue, whatever you choose it to be and to clearly state what you are doing. It will be clear from the beginning that you are grateful for everything that he has done for you, and that, even though you’re at the very closure of your relationship and bad things might have happened, you still remember what he did for you and you salute that. You salute his actions and the good moments the two of you had together and you salute him as a person as well.

“What could I possibly have learned from him, he was my boyfriend, not my teacher?!”- might be something that crosses your mind. But if you stop for a moment and think, you’ll see that every single person that comes into our lives can teach us some kind of lesson. You won’t be expert in algebra when you exit your relationship but you might be wiser in love. You might learn how to love, how to cope with sadness, and even if it was a shitty relationship and you still want to be the best version of yourself and come out of it as a winner, it could be that you learned how not to love, or how not to treat the ones you love. Everything is a lesson, if you choose to learn from it.

When everything’s going fine in relationship but you’re just can’t escape the feeling that this is not what you want, and you can’t seem to imagine you two together in longer terms, that is also ok. It is ok to say goodbye to whom ever you think you should say goodbye, I am not here to judge, but to help if that is your final decision.
These lines might help you to make a point and give your relationship a proper closure.Finding the right ones always sounds thrilling and optimistic, and it is amazing when you discover on time that you are not dating your right one. Feel free to search such a person as long as it takes you.

It can be the case that your partner is no longer what he was before. He’s not treating you as he did when he was doing everything that he could to win you over. Truth to be told, these kind of things happen a lot, and if you didn’t agree on that, then it is totally fine to end it on time.
Your start was a blast, but you have been mistaken. You don’t have to continue the relationship until it becomes hell. You ought to yourself to keep your memories in the best shape so feel free to act according to this.

These five-goodbye-relationship lines are way better than “Let’s be friends!”. Such ending never brought anything good to anybody. It never points to the right ending and we can be easily fooled with our hope that we might get the second chance.
When using any of these break up lines, it would be nice to add a valuable arguments so that the other side knows why the relationship is ending. To leave them with just this wouldn’t be enough and it would leave them wondering what went wrong.
Just make sure your message is clear and that you are firm in your decision.
And do relieve yourself of a burden if you’re carrying any.

This Is Why He Didn’t Call After You Slept With Him

Let’s be honest, it is not easy to find an ideal partner. You need more than one date to figure it out what kind of person he is. Although there are some girls who sleep with guys on the first date, that is not something I would suggest you. Just think. You meet a guy and you two click. Instead of getting to know each other you sleep with him. What kind of opinion will he have about you? Not good one, I suppose.


Man typing on a phone


Even guys feel great when a girl has sex with them immediately that is not good for their future relationship. He can be very jealous of you going out with your friends because he will be scared that you will sleep with other guys as well. So don’t let this happen. I don’t care how young and crazy you are, just don’t ok? You will regret it later and people will say that you are easy to get. No man would like to have a wife like that. They all want to have fun with some girls and then marry the one who is good and innocent. That’s the way it works.

If you already had a one night stand don’t hope that a guy will call you the next day. Probably you two haven’t exchanged your phone numbers because you were occupied doing other things. So you can’t blame him. Instead of that you should blame yourself. And you know why? Because you made a BIG mistake.

You have slept with someone you don’t have a clue about. Maybe he even has some venereal disease and you will find about that in the worst way. You will also get it. Just pray God he is not HIV positive because that could ruin your life.

Generally, guys would never accept dating an “easy” girl. If their friends see them with you they will be ashamed. And they want to walk proudly with their girlfriend down the street. Mistakes like this happen when we are young but that is not an excuse to do shit like this.

Because you are making harm only to yourself. Other people around you feel great because they know you are a party girl and it is not difficult to sleep with you. So don’t doubt they will take advantage of you. If you add a little bit of alcohol to that story, serious problems may happen.

So next time you meet a good boy don’t jump into his bed on your first date. Wait until you get to know him better. Maybe he is a maniac who just wants to get laid. And, my dear, that is not a hubby material. Don’t sleep with a man because you want a revenge. Don’t sleep with a man because you feel lonely. Don’t sleep with a man unless you love him.

The catch is you can have sex all the time but what does that mean to you? Does it fulfill you and make you feel good? I thought so.

On the other hand, making love is much better because you love the person you are sleeping with. You can be sure that he won’t hurt you and will be there when you need him.

So darling, next time you see a hot guy think twice. Do you really want him for one night or for entire life?

Getting Over a Broken Heart: Let Him Go and Open Up for new LOVE

Are you in a love situation which is about to end?

Does it hurt you to think about life without him? Are you aware of your wasted time? Do you accept that he leaves without a fight? You are crying? You are not eating? You are not concentrated? Do you want to go?


Sun rays breaking through a broken leaf


Well, you are free to go!

If he wants to leave your side, you are allowed to open him the door, prepare him a bag of his promises and sayings at the doorway of the memory, and CLOSE! Cry whatever you want to cry, and close. Do not waste your life steps pretending that you are with the right man, because if he stays by your side it will be just for pity, favor or guilt. He has the right to leave, even to stop loving you. We cannot manipulate with present and the past.  If his desire is to leave, it is preferable that he has to be sincere with you. But do not accept lies from him, rather than the truth. No matter how difficult would it seem, the honesty is the key even at the end of the relationship.

Why do you want to have him by your side with deceptions and misunderstandings? All illusions we create in our minds are just a curtains which do not let us go forward or to see what is in front of us. Value yourself. Do you think he appreciates you and sees how much you worth? Because, my darling, staying by his side, if there is no love, you are not appreciating yourself.

Since you are going through a loss, you must necessarily learn to work out that pain. The good news is that everything what happens in life will pass.

And now, all of this is the past, you have left it behind you.

Remember how much it hurt you? How did you feel? Did you think that you are not going to overcome it?

And now, how do you feel about it? It is already the past and you do not allow yourself to move on.

For the last time, think of that if he wanted to leave and not fight for you, it is his decision and you need to learn to accept that other people also have rights like you.  Although it is somehow unacceptable to you, give up of your stubbornness, and remember that in the future you will learn a lot from this experience, much more than you believe now. And from that lesson comes out the reconciliation with life and with who you are.  Because you will open your own door and return to home. Here you are.  And you are not going to suffer any more for something that in less than a couple of years will be over and forgotten.  Just think of that if he wants to leave it is not a failure, personal incapacity and the world’s not going to stop.  Sometimes people leave because of the fear, personal conflicts etc.  Hang on there. Make up your mind and smile again.

Accepting the world as it is and things that happen to us means that we are growing up, realizing that everything happens for a reason. But, that is not why we must put ourselves on the reserve. Learn to walk with a heart in your hands, taking care of it and just try to find a better, worthier person who will continue to guard and cherish your heart.

Letting go does not have to be difficult, in fact, it becomes easier as we learn to accept, appreciate and love ourselves for who we are and what we want.

12 Obvious Signs Of An Emotional Abuse

The best example of an emotional abuse is a love relationship where a man is abuser and a woman is a victim. This happens all the time but we are not aware of that. Emotional abuse is made of shouting, intimidating, bullying, criticizing and manipulation. If you aren’t sure that you are a victim of emotional abuse check these signs. Maybe it is already happening in your life but you are not aware of it.


A crying woman


1. He humiliates you – This is one of the most obvious signs of an emotional abuse. If your boyfriend or your husband humiliates you in front of your friends and family you two have a serious problem. Don’t let him get away with that. Stand up for yourself and confront him. This is the only way this can be stopped.

2. He doesn’t care about your opinion – If he doesn’t want to know anything about your needs or opinions then he is emotionally abusing you. A real man who loves his woman will take care for her. Her opinions and thoughts. By not doing this he wants to tell you that he is the dominant one and his opinion is what only matters in the whole story. This kind of man doesn’t deserve your presence so leave him as soon as you can.

3. He is sarcastic – If you have a headache and he is being sarcastic with your pain it means he doesn’t respect you at all. Things like: “That’s nothing, get up and cook me a meal” are a big red flag. It shows you how selfish he is and he doesn’t have any understanding for other people, especially you.

4. He says you are too sensitive – If you say you have some problems at work he will call you a cry baby. It feels so bad when your loved one doesn’t understand you. You are being with him because you need his support all the time and when you don’t get it you feel like a piece of shit. But be aware of the fact that every problem can be solved with a conversation about it. If you two have the smallest wish to improve things there won’t be any problem about it.

5. He controls you – Do you sometimes have that feeling that no matter what you do is wrong and that he acts like some kind of supervisor. He wants to control your actions and you feel like a small child that needs to be taken care of. No woman can feel good in a relationship like this and you can be positive this is an emotional abuse. Just remember that you are an adult and you can take responsibility for your actions. If your guy is not aware of that, remind him here and there.

6. He corrects your behavior – You know that situation when you are out with your friends and after a few glasses of wine you become more relaxed and you start laughing louder? Well, if your guy tells you that you should behave normal in a situation like this just tell him that you also deserve to have your freedom just like him. You are not a child that needs a guidance so make sure he also understands that.

7. He doesn’t permit you to go out – If you want to spend a night out with your friends and your guy acts like a total maniac about that, you can be pretty sure he wants to control your life. You are an adult and you should go wherever you want. Don’t let anyone to convince you to the opposite. This is definitely not a right way and your man should find some professional help.

8. He controls the finances – If he is the one who controls all the finances and the way you spend money you can be pretty sure that he is emotionally abusing you. Just because he has all the money doesn’t mean that he has all the power as well. When two adults live together they should both spend money in a reasonable way. If you are the one getting money you can do whatever you want with it. So make sure he gets that!

9. He has bad body language when being with you – This is something that you just can’t tolerate. If he is waving with his hands to tell you to go other room just because he is having a phone call then he is real asshole. Like he is FBI so you can’t listen him talking to someone. A man like this will never be what you are looking for so leave him while you can. End of story.

10. He always points out your mistakes – No matter you posted something on Facebook or you are just talking to your mom he will check your spelling. A man like this is a real pain in the butt and it is impossible to have a happy life with him.

11. He accuses you for things you didn’t do – You have the feeling like he is making up some bad things about you so you could feel bad. Even you didn’t do something wrong directly he says problems are always happening because of you. No woman should tolerate behavior like this. This is one of the biggest signs of emotional abuse so stop being around him, maybe he will appreciate that and he could start missing you.

12. He is not tolerant – Whatever you do is not good enough for him. If he is late that is okay but if you are late that is the end of the world. It is obvious that your guy is using double standards and that’s not fair. Crossing some boundaries and not respecting your opinion is not an option. By doing that he is only showing you that he has a lack of respect for you. And that’s not love. It is abusing and it is not right. So please, stop being a victim and stand up for yourself.

11 Undeniable signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

What is a soulmate?

That person is not just a romantic partner to you. He is your best friend, your rock, your pillow to cry on, your “partner in crime” or to quote Barry White: “…you are my first, my last, my everything!”

Has it ever happened to you that you met someone and you just had this feeling that you have been waiting for that person your whole life? That that person completes you? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, anyhow, stay with me and I will tell you some exact and proven signs that this person is your soulmate!


Man's tattooed hand holding a woman's hand


Maybe your soulmate was somewhere around you for a long time, but you were not destined to meet each other until that precise moment. Or maybe you haven’t met him yet? Maybe he’s living next-door but you haven’t noticed him yet? All this happens for a reason. What would happen if you met him and you were in a relationship, or it just wasn’t the right time for it? You have to be prepared for meeting him, it can’t happen out of the blue. Leave that to the destiny and don’t push it. You have to be patient.

When I say communication I don’t mean strictly the regular kind. I mean on the nonverbal one also. This one is even more important. If you manage to see what your partner is thinking just from the expression on his face you’ve found your soulmate. When you succeed in reading his body language you will know you are on the right track. The whole point of a soulmate is to be able to know what that person is thinking or feeling like without having to use words.

You’ve hit the jackpot when you see that he is by your side no matter what. When you see that he sticks to your decisions even if he thinks they are not that good. But, he shows you he will be by your side no matter what. If you make a wrong move he will support you. When you fall he will pick you up. You have to feel as if you can concur the world if he is there for you.

If that person literally can’t live without you, he is the one. I don’t mean this in that psychotic way that he follows you everywhere you go and doesn’t let you breathe. I mean in a way that that person can’t imagine the scenario where you two aren’t together. He loves you and he has decided that the two of you are going to be together “till death do you part”.

Now, this is a tricky one. You shouldn’t feel inferior or superior to your partner ever. You have to be compatible and equal. This also means that you have to challenge each other on an intellectual level. You have to have something to talk about. You have to challenge one another and then you have to try hard to complete those challenges. This way, you will never be bored and your relationship will never lose that sparkle that gets it going.

You have to have that special something that you feel when you meet someone who is just for you for the first time. You have to have that electric attraction, those butterflies in your stomach. You have to feel like you’ve been everywhere and you’ve seen everything and now is the time to settle down and spend all the time you have left with that special someone. And you will never be sorry for that. You will never be sorry that you didn’t live a bit more before you made a commitment to him.

Your soulmate will have if not the same, then similar interests as you do. He will be equally ambitious as you are. Even though he doesn’t have to be that ambitious as you are at the beginning or vice versa, he will learn how in your future life together. Because you will influence him, or he will influence you.

This is very cool. It is common that when soulmates meet and get to know each other that they realize that they could have met many times before they actually did, or that they know the same people or that they were on the same places like parties or happenings, but they just somehow missed on each other.

You just clicked. He is your best friends. You will laugh together and you will cry together. You will get in a fight because you are trying hard to keep this thing alive because you know you are meant to be together. And after you are done fighting you will smooth things up and love each other even more than you did before.

Your whole life, up until this moment you were feeling like something is missing. You were incomplete. But now after you have met him, you don’t need anything else. You have everything that you want. It’s like when you are solving a puzzle and that one part is missing. And until you find that one part, you won’t be happy or satisfied. It will bother you because you know that that final piece is somewhere waiting to be found. And when you finally find it, life seems to have much more sense.

You feel like you know everything about each other. You feel like there was a past life and you were soulmates then and you grew old together and you died together, happy. You see that his moves, the way he makes gestures, the way he kisses you, the way he smiles, feels familiar to you. Like you have seen it somewhere before. Maybe you did. Maybe you’ve already lived one life and now you’ve met again.

All of these can show you if this person is your soulmate. But the most important thing is that one which you feel inside. Sometimes no signs are necessary, you just know!

Things You Need To Know Before Falling For The Guarded Girl

Have you noticed this super awesome and funny girl that everyone desires to be around or to be with, but somehow she is still single? Could it be that you’re falling for her? Well any other human being would be attracted to the person with such charisma, but there are some things that you need to know before getting yourself into that battle of winning her over. Let’s see if you’re really up for this.

When searching the definition of the word “guarded”, you will stumble onto few different meanings such as protected, defended, watched over, but the one that matches our topic is cautious and restrained. It’s not that others don’t fit, it’s just that they require other person in the play, which is hardly the case when it comes to guarded girls. They don’t need anyone else, they are guarding themselves. If you’re thinking of dating here, you’ve chosen the tough one and you need to be prepared for what is coming, hint: it’s not winter.

Because of all that she has been through she’ll have trouble trusting you. Believe me, it is not your fault, and you haven’t done anything bad yet, but that’s the way she is. Usually, she is guarded like that, she is restrained and cautious because she hasn’t been that way before and that costed her a lot in life. She poured her heart open to everyone and was convinced plenty of times that she shouldn’t have done that. It’s not that she will never be able to believe to anyone else, but she is going to need some time, or a bit more than you’d like or could imagine. But be patient, if you’re worthy, you’ll get there eventually.

There is also the fact that she does not need you. She is not like those other girls that will seek your protection and whose hand she’ll be holding on to always. The guarded girl is the one that was hurt immensely and that feeling of pain got stuck in her for so long that she knew that she won’t let anybody in anymore. The smartest thing that she could do is to learn to do things on her own. She prepared herself for the solitary life and that kind of habit of being independent is hard to discard. She just won’t ask for help, and you’ll have to learn to live with that.

It’ll take some time for her to get used to you. It will take some time to let her guard down, and by some time I mean at least twice more than you can imagine. This should warn you not to give up. If she lets you in so easily, she’ll always have that spark of doubt smoldering inside her. Let her see that you are different and wait. Remember that all good things take time.

It’s not gonna be easy, that is for sure. If you are not patient person than this process will be a torture for you. There is no way that you can speed it up, or make her need you or make her trust you before she decided to unlock her capes. She learned from her own mistakes, and those kind of mistakes we remember the longest.

… but once you’re in…

You will always know what you’re dealing with.

When she finally decides to put her guard down with you (and only you), you will be able to see all those things she was hiding from others. You will discover amazing treasures of her soul and her personality that she kept locked for so long.

You will not have the need to stop and check where do you stand with her, she’ll make sure that you are on the same page, each day. You’ll know how she feels about you and where does she see you two. There is also one small catch, you’ll have to be opened as well. She’ll require to know where does she stand with you. She’ll just have this enormous need to know what’s on the other side of the mountain and you’ll have to tell her. You’ll have to be opened with her about your feelings so she could feel encouraged to share how she feels as well. In most relationships this is something that is lacking, so do consider yourself among the lucky ones.

She will never hurt you, intentionally.

If you thought that she is so restrained for nothing, you have been mistaken, my dear. Nobody closes himself because of nothing. She is the way she is because she was hurt badly and probably one too many times. As a person who knows deep pain, she will make sure that she never hurts any other human being in the same way, or any way to be precise. I’m not saying that she won’t hurt you at all, but if she does it, it won’t be intentionally. If this happens to be the case, then know that it was consequence of carelessness, and she did it by not paying attention on your feelings not because she wanted you to feel bad or because she wanted to see you broken.

You will get unconditional love.

When someone who’s been without something essential in life, such as love, for too long gets it… well prepare for the love of your life. When we get back the things we desired for a long period of time than we cherish them unconditionally. This is also what you get when a guarded girl lets you in. There is no bullshit, there is no playing games, just two bare souls touching each other in the most platonic way.

If you’re looking forward for one night stand, that just give up, because it will be too much effort for something so small and insignificant that might not work the way you wanted at the end. But if you’re looking for a soulmate all this fuzz is worth your time. Whatever you go through will be meaningless when you get the human that you adore to love you back.

6 Clear Signs He’s Twisting You Around His Little Finger

Mostly, when we are in love, we are blindly in love, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Love has that effect on all of us. But sometimes some of us aren’t lucky enough to bump to the right person right away, so we end up with a jerk that is totally playing us. And we can’t see that. Maybe everyone around us sees that and they tell us but nooooo, we are persistent in thinking that that is not true at all. That person is jealous because we are in love and he or she is not. Yeah right! And sure enough, some time passes and we leave that “honeymoon” phase and our light bulb turns on so we find ourselves totally played out!

This happened to me, God knows how many times and I’m sure it has happened to you too. So let’s not make the same mistake ever again! Carefully read what I’m about to write so you can save yourself from that kind of a guy and so you can dump his sorry ass ASAP!


Care less written on man's hands


So, it takes him more than one, two, three or even more hours to text you back. Come on!! If this guy is really into you he should be texting you first and he shouldn’t be avoiding to answer your texts! This is your first sign that he is just playing you. At the end of the day, you find yourself staring at your phone in the hope his text will come anytime soon. And it does come, but tomorrow morning. He gives you same lame excuse and you, being infatuated with him, take it! Open your eyes! BIG RED PLAYER ALERT!!

Hello!!! Let get things straight! You’ve been on a date and he told you that he is not interested in a relationship and you ended up in one anyway?! How is that even possible you may ask?! Well, I’ll tell you how. He sweet-talked you, he made himself unavailable and you couldn’t resist taking the forbidden fruit! He totally hooked you on! You are powerless in this situation.

This guy always flirts with you. He is always happy to see you. He’s making eye contact and he’s making excuses just to touch you but he never calls you out on a date! This is your sign that he is not serious about you and that he is just playing with you. You should leave him and move on!

You are always in contact but just over the phone. He’s texting you that you miss him, but he hasn’t got any time to see you. That’s total BS. If he’s truly into you he will make seeing you his top priority. Nothing in this world would stop him from meeting you. This can show you that he is not interested and that you are just a play toy for him. Move on!

Imagine this scenario. You are in a club and this cute, a little bit tipsy guy is walking towards you. He is adorable and you are craving for attention. He starts talking to you and he’s flirting with you and somewhere along the line you catch that phrase: “Yeah, I just went through a bad break up…”This should be the big, no, huuuge red alert. It just means that he’s searching for his rebound girl and you don’t want to be that girl. Step away and leave him be!


He has no problem coming over to your place to have some fun, to eat or drink with you. But as soon as you mention going out, he acts all: “Nooo babe, let’s stay at home, let’s cuddle, we don’t need anyone and we don’t need to go anywhere. This is enough, just the two of us!” HE IS TOTALLY PLAYING YOU!! Maybe he is ashamed of you, or he didn’t tell anyone about you. One way or another this is not a good sign.

So here you are girls, be smart and don’t let anyone play you!

I know he belongs to you but that doesn’t change anything!

You  might think that is fun to be the second one or to want somebody who you can never really have? Well you are horribly mistaken, my dear. It’s not fun at all. It might appear to be so at  the very beginning, it could be exciting but once the adrenaline fades away the only thing I am left is this indescribable pain in my stomach especially when I lie alone at night.

At first I wasn’t searching anything serious in my life, I was achieved in every field, finished my studies, got a job, and had my two hobbies occupying the rest of the free time I had. I also had bunch of friends and half of them were male and the last thing I needed was a relationship that will spoil everything. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do or with whom I may hang out, and there are bunch of other things that I wasn’t ready to give up on.
I wanted to live this way a bit longer but it didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would.

No-strings-attached type of relationship didn’t work that good for me.


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I knew him for a while and we’ve been hanging around but it was nothing breath-taking. I knew he had you beside him. But that didn’t affect me, you were the good side of the package at first, you were my safe exit out of the relationship, I counted that you’d be the one that would keep the either of us from wanting anything else besides physical contact.

I knew you loved him and you love him even more now.
You guys are so perfect for the eyes of public and you can have him whenever you want, and I get to have him only when you are not around. And you are alway around.

We get to see each other under the excuse that we are friends and that story is so easy to sell. But I don’t get to kiss him in public nor do I get to hug him nor to hold his hand. Whenever we meet I have to think twice before I speak so I don’t say anything stupid that might compromise him. I didn’t sign up for this feeling, I just signed up for this situation and it was all I wanted at first.

He loves you, I know it. I know he would choose you over me every single time. I guess I’m just a girl to have fun with. The catch is that he doesn’t know how I feel nor will he ever know. I just can’t allow that to myself. At least I’ll have a bit of dignity making him think I’m the one pulling the strings. Yup, pulling the strings in a no-strings-attached relationship, I know, it’s ironic. But I like to comfort myself with this thought. I like to think that I can walk away whenever I want and that it will be fine. He will never be aware of my emotions nor will he ever open up the chance for us to get back together. It’s just that I’m having trouble walking away for three years now.

I keep telling myself that if you were enough then I wouldn’t be in the picture at all. I keep telling myself that you’ll disappear one day or that I will have that “wow” moment and he will realise that I am the one for him, but I’m just fooling myself. If there was a chance of that happening, it would have happened long time ago. I can wait three more years or even three more decades and it still wouldn’t change a thing. He is yours. I know he is yours, but that doesn’t change anything as well.

I promised myself never to be “the other” woman. It is so humiliating to be someone second choice, like what’s so wrong with me that I can’t be the first one. And the fact is that I could be someone else’s choice but I keep refusing. I keep refusing other amazing people because I only want to have fun. As if! I keep refusing them because I am already taken although I’m single. And I made this stupid decision. I am making this stupid decision every single time, and may God help me, it’s just killing me.

But I want to promise you something. I’ll walk away, since I’m tired of fighting and I have no idea who am I fighting with or what am I fighting for. The next time that desire for him awakens, I’ll say NO to myself, the next time I’ll say NO to him as well. We all deserve better. Jumping off the moving train is bad, but what’s even worse is to be stuck in the train that you know will crash inevitably.

I know he belongs to you, and may he stay yours.

I am sorry.

No Girl Should Ever Chase A Guy – NO Exception

Have you ever seen a girl chasing a guy? It doesn’t look quite normal, right? It’s maybe because we live in that kind of world where men are supposed to chase women and not vice versa. Anyway, it looks odd.

In the end we all get what we deserve so chasing someone doesn’t have sense, though. If you are meant to be together you wouldn’t need to chase him because he would be there for you all the time. The catch is we are all a little bit crazy when we are in love. We forget about important people or things and that is not good. You know why? Because those people were part of your life BEFORE Mr. Right knocked on your door. So make sure not to forget that.

By chasing a guy you are just humiliating yourself because you two don’t want the same thing. You want him but he doesn’t want you. And that is the fact. Otherwise you wouldn’t be chasing him.

You are wasting all your positive energy in vain. He isn’t into you and he will never be. Even if you say you are pregnant he will just turn around and leave. He doesn’t love you and he doesn’t care for you. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with a man like that? I don’t think so!

By being part of this game you are just going crazy. Panicking because he hasn’t called you by 2. A.M is not an option. Seeing him having fun with other girls will just make you worry. And that’s not something you deserve. You deserve the best. You deserve the one that will take care of you like you are an apple of his eye. The one who will protect you from bad people. The one who will be your best friend and your lover at the same time. Because, honey, that is what love is all about.

Don’t be the kind of a girl who gets super happy when she hears her phone ringing because she thinks it is him. Don’t be disappointed if it is not him. What’s wrong with talking to your mom? Isn’t she your best friend? I guess you are taking your mom for granted because she is always there but he is the one you have to chase to be with you. That’s the difference.

So stop chasing after him. Don’t dedicate your life to someone who will never be yours. Live your life. Travel with your friends. Chase your dreams. That’s what life is all about.

One more thing my darling – stop chasing love, let the love find you. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. Love is a delicate thing and you can’t force someone to love you. That’s not the way it goes.

I know you badly need someone to step into your life and steal your heart. But it’s not the right time. Trust me, he will show up when you less expect him, probably wearing an old T-shirt and having no makeup on. And you know what? He will fall in love with you, and you won’t need to say magical words for that to happen. It will just happen, because you deserve it. When you finally experience true love you will realize it was worth waiting for it!

This Is The Girl Who Deserved Everything But Got Nothing

Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. I just want to say how awesome you are. Not just because you are a good person but because you are an ideal partner. No matter how much people hurt you, somehow you always choose to move on. That’s the spirit girl and I wish I could be just like you.

I respect you for who you are. I respect your big heart and huge amount of love. That is something that can’t be seen every day. And that’s why I love you so much. You are a survivor and no matter what he does you will always recover. No matter how tough his words are, you will find a way to forgive. I admire to you because you always believe in good things. Even you have a bad day or your whole world is falling apart you will put a smile on your face and walk proudly. Because that’s what you are – a lioness that fights for her life.


B/W profile picture of a girl



I admire to you because you always have love for two. Even he takes you for granted you always try to improve situation because you hate to fight. Your heart is clean and innocent and that’s why you are so special. I just want you to know how much I talk people about you. I am always saying that you are my role model and if you can do something, so can I. And that sentence is moving me forward.

I respect you for your relations with people. Even I know you had a rough day you are always trying to respond politely so you don’t ruin other people’s day as well. I respect your belief that he will change. You are still the only girl who believes he is going to change even he lied to you so many times. Your heart is so big and opened for all of us.

You don’t choose who you are going to love, your heart does, and you can’t do anything about it. Even you are adult now, somehow I have the feeling that I am talking to a sweet, innocent girl who doesn’t know anything about this cruel world. And that’s why he is taking you for granted. You are letting him stay in your life over and over again but deep down inside you are aware of the fact he is not going to stay. Being with you in this moment is just convenient for him, and that’s all.

I beg you to think twice next time when you are about to let people enter your life. Think about who they are and whether they deserve to call you a friend or a lover. You know my dear, there are many bad people who will take an advantage of you, so please stand up for yourself and fight. I don’t want people say that you are dumb just because you are a good person. Let them see how brilliant you are with all your pros and cons. Show HIM how amazing you are and that he shouldn’t have left you. Show him that you are a woman to love. Show him that you can be crazy and smart at the same time, it just depends from the situation. And in the end show to yourself what you are capable of when you have the right motive.

I think you are a strong woman. Only strong woman can love someone who doesn’t deserve her. You are always giving your whole and he is not giving anything. When you do a good thing for him you get nothing in return. If I were you, I would probably punch him in the face and kick him out of my house. But you are totally different than me. You forgive and stay, you are patient, you don’t yell, you just want some piece.

I am writing this letter to you so you can actually realize how great you are. Please don’t trust him when he says that you are boring and he goes out with his friends and leaves you at home alone all in tears. Don’t buy that shit, okay? Because it’s not true. The only truth is that you are so rare and I just hope God will send you what you truly deserve – the one that will keep you as the apple of his eye!

Good luck!

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You are sitting alone in your bedroom at 2 A.M. thinking about her and trying to find reasons why she left. You can’t find any ways to figure it out what wrong you did to make her cry. That day when she left all in tears from your apartment is like a memory that just doesn’t fade away. It is torturing you every day but you are not capable to ask her to talk to you again. She has left and she is not going to come back anymore. I know shit happens, but please don’t ever do these things if you want to hold a girl close to you. So listen to me carefully, I will tell you why she left and how you pushed her away.


Man reaching for something


Even you are old enough to be someone’s husband you just don’t know anything about women. You don’t know how they feel when they look in the distance, you don’t know that she needs your support while she is going through rough times. You don’t know that you need to hold her hand while someone is yelling at her. Honestly, you know nothing. And this is how you pushed her away. Even her love was big, her self-respect was even bigger, so don’t bother thinking about it anymore.

If you rather choose to go to a football game with guys instead to movies with her it means she is not your priority. She feels like she is just an option and you just call her when you have nothing else to do. Do you really think that a girl will stay with a guy if he treats her in this way? I don’t think so! Instead of making her just an option show her that she is the most important person to you and that there isn’t any place where you would rather be than in her arms. Otherwise, she will leave and even that is a part of life, you will be down.

If you are complimenting your lady only when she has a full makeup on and a tight dress, you are doing the wrong thing. You should love her when she is in a tracksuit in the same way you love her when she is all dressed up. Because, dude, that’s what love is all about. Just imagine how she feels when you are only complimenting her looks. What about her opinion? Don’t you like when your lady is smart and intelligent? Doesn’t that count nowadays? If you have a girlfriend be honest with her from the start. Don’t be with her just because you want to get laid and then dump her. That’s not fair and you can be sure what goes around comes back around. So you better watch out!

If she is staring at the wall the whole day it is alert that something wrong is happening. You should be real boyfriend and ask her what happened and if there is any way you can help her to feel better. If you just ignore her, pretending her behavior is normal she will see that you don’t care and simply leave. Every girl with self-respect would do that, so if you want someone who will make you warm in cold nights, make an effort on time!

Dude, seriously? You say you love her but you don’t ask her to stay when she is about to leave. Are you a kid or what? I will never understand guys who do this. Maybe they are taking their girlfriends for granted and they figure it out what they lost when they leave. No girl will return to you if you don’t ask her to come back. Every girl has some self-respect and she will not let someone making a fool out of her. It just doesn’t work like that. So if you care enough for her ask her to stay so you two can talk. Give her the freedom to take some time if she needs it. The last thing you need to do is to suffocate her. Tell her everything you would like to have heard if you have been in her place. If you just let her go without a single word you can be positive that she is not going to come back. EVER!

Maybe you are wondering why she was feeling tired when you did everything she wanted. Well, maybe that’s the catch. Maybe you were just giving her some material things instead of your love. Maybe you were staring at that waitress while she wanted you to look at her. Maybe she needed your support but you weren’t there because you were having fun with your friends. Maybe she got tired fighting for your attention every single day. All those things made her go away from you. So if you ever wonder how you pushed her away, here is the answer. I just hope you will learn from your own mistakes. I hope you will never treat a girl like you have treated her – cold, with no emotions, no feeling, and no love. I hope you understand she couldn’t stay because it would hurt her even more. She had to leave for her own sake. She had to leave to keep her common sense. She somehow had to find her way to save herself from this hell she was going through. Even leaving you was one of the most painful things to do, she had to do it eventually, because my dear you still don’t understand how you pushed her away. And the truth is, she deserves the one who will understand that and put a smile on her face, cherish her and be blessed for having her. Unfortunately, you are not the one!

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